Frank Duncan is a sculptor/artist who is currently working in Woodstock NY. Frank was born in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1963. As the first born of a career Navy man (a retired Lieutenant Commander), Frank traveled throughout his childhood, moving with his family every two years within the U.S., and a 5-year stay in Taiwan). Frank attended the University of Miami, majoring in Studio Music and Jazz. From there he moved to New York City, where he played music professionally for more than twenty years.

In addition to producing, writing and mixing records, he has recorded or performed with artists Samantha Fox, Pete Seeger, Jim Crow, The Drifters, The Crystals and Lonette McKee, among many others. In the year 2000, Frank changed career paths and took up residence in the Byrdcliffe artists’ colony of Woodstock, New York. He pursued drawing and painting with the same passion he had given music for most of his life. Always drawn to “the classics,” Frank’s artistic focus in his study of a classical education found him with more than 15,000 hours in formal art instruction. Masterful 19th-century French and Renaissance artists, as well as the Greeks, are what drives Frank’s esthetic. As with those past masters, Dynamic Symmetry pervades Frank’s work and he looks for it at every juncture in his sculptures, paintings and drawings.

Born into a Southern Baptist family, at the age of 12 Frank considered becoming a preacher in the Baptist church. He was devout and prayed to God every night (on his knees), and when he played drums in his church ensemble, it was always for God. He took a course in college that brought his attention to the four major religions, and it was then that he realized Christianity wasn’t making sense to him any longer. He began to question his faith, which ultimately left him godless at 18 years old. Frank spent the next 20 years as a closet atheist, not able to confide in his large and highly religious family about the changes he felt. But in the following 10 years and to the present, he is beginning to shine a polemic light on religion. Atheistarts.com is a corollary to that end.