Mission Statement

Frank Duncan, Atheist ArtsAtheistarts is a result of two of my great passions, Atheism and fine art. I am committed to using my voice (fine art) to share my message of atheism and try to touch as many minds as I can. After many years of reflection, I feel that all religions share a unique quality. They perpetrate evils on society, misogyny being one of the most heinous of these outcomes. I am going to use my talents to shine a light on these and other ills perpetrated by religion. In addition, I will also be celebrating and honoring the joy of atheism. In regards to my art, I have been brought up in the neo-classical tradition studying the human form as well as having studied dynamic symmetry, root rectangles and sacred geometry. My art reflects all of these traditions. I have always loved the figure and find it to be my most sublime form of expression. I consider myself primarily a sculptor but feel strongly that sculpture informs the drawing and vice versa. This is why I pursue both.
Atheistarts.com is my way of making a difference in the world while trying to leave something positive in my wake.

Frank Duncan